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$875 Cremation

Simple. Everything you need.

Our $875 Direct Cremation package is simple and includes all the necessary services and products for us to perform a direct cremation.Immediate Need Planning for the Future

We may need to collect additional fees depending on certain variables if we must take additional steps on behalf of your loved one. These are shown clearly so you can rest assured there will be NO HIDDEN FEES.

Our $875 Direct Cremation includes:

Our $875 Direct Cremation includes:

  • Services of funeral director and staff required for a direct cremation with no ceremony or visitation
  • Transfer of your loved one into our care
  • Refrigeration and sheltering until cremation takes place
  • File documents and permits for cremation
  • Notifying Social Security
  • Cremation performed in our crematory by our staff
  • Cremated remains of your loved one returned at our offices

Additional items that will incur charges should you select them may include upgraded cremation container, urns, keepsakes, and the standard state fee for death certificates. Those costs will only apply depending on your choices. None of them are required.